As part of Kick Butts Day, the Leadership students at Monforton School (Bozeman) hosted their All Rural School dance last weekend.  This year, students used the dance to raise awareness of tobacco issues and garner support for Tobacco Free Parks.

To get the buzz started, they created a “Snow Activism” message before the dance.  It was a perfect awareness activity, getting students in the school talking about it and asking, “Why does it say that?”  What a great way to get students interested!

During the dance, students were asked to complete the statement, “I am not a replacement, I am____,” featuring their personal interests and aspirations.

Students also signed a pledge to keep Bozeman breathing easy by raising awareness about the harmful effects tobacco has on both health and the environment.




Find out more about Montana’s teen-led movement against Big Tobacco at #reACT #NotAReplacement