By Gallatin County WIC

March just happens to be National Nutrition Month! In honor of that, along with WIC’s 40th Birthday, we bring you…

The Top 10 ways to get kids involved in healthy eating!

1. Mean Green Cleaning Machine: Let kids wash fruits and vegetables while preparing them

2. Pick a Peck: While shopping, let them pick new fruits or vegetables

3. Make it Snappy: Let kids snap vegetables to make noises and sounds

4. I Spy: Play “I Spy” in the produce section of the grocery store

5. Tear it Up: Let kids help tear apart lettuce for salads or sandwiches

6. Measure Up: Let them measure out the vegetables into servings

7. Peel and Slice: Let kids peel vegetables such as potatoes or carrots

8. Stir and Spice: Let them help stir and add spices during cooking

9. A Sprinkle a Day: Let kids sprinkle the herbs and seasonings

10. Monster Mash: Let kids mash cooked vegetables with the potato masher


WIC is a nutrition program for Women, Infants and Children.  For more information about the program and how to apply, go here, or contact the WIC office at (406) 582-3115.