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Feeling Good Feels Good!

Small lifestyle changes can add up to big impacts; getting there doesn’t have to be difficult. We offer free, community-based classes to help you create lasting changes. Sometimes, a support system is all you need to get started!

Walk With Ease

Walk with Ease, a low-impact walking program, helps to increase physical activity and decrease pain among participants with arthritis or other common chronic conditions. Not to mention, it’s a great way to connect with others working toward a common goal.

More Details:

  • There are two options, an 8-week organized group walk, or a self-directed program where participants pick the day, time, location and length of walks.
  • Group walks start with a short lesson at the beginning of each session.
  • If you choose the self-directed program, you’ll receive “Walk with Ease” e-mails at the beginning of each week with tips, education, and reminders to report “minutes walked.” Registered participants also receive a free Walk with Ease workbook and walking journal to track progress.

Health Coaching for Hypertension Control

High blood pressure doesn’t have to slow you down! Our hypertension control classes offer free health coaching to help you implement important lifestyle changes. This 8-week class focuses on nutrition, physical activity, stress management and more!

More Details:

  • Participants receive a free electronic blood pressure monitor, textbook, relaxation CD and pedometer!

Montana: Living Life Well

If you have a chronic health condition, or are close to someone who does, Montana: Living Life Well is a free class to help ease mental, emotional and physical stresses. Over the course of six weeks, you’ll receive help managing pain, fatigue, physical limitations, frustration and worry. We’ll help you find ways to minimize the effects of your symptoms through brainstorming, communication, problem solving and other important skills.

More details:

  • Topics include talking with doctors, processing emotions, managing pain, exercising, eating well and getting good sleep; the parts of life that are harder with a chronic condition.
  • Those who have taken the class report fewer trips to the hospital, less stress, improvement in everyday tasks, better relationships, increased physical activity, and better ways of managing symptoms at home.
  • For information on a specific class, to register, or to get on a waiting list, call 406.582.3100.

Worksite Wellbeing

Healthy Gallatin works with employers to develop worksite wellbeing programs. Collaborating with staff, we work together to identify the goals and objectives most important to your organization. Utilizing a proven framework, we provide consultation and guidance to help worksites develop the program that fits their employee’s needs.

For more information, call 406.582.3100

Community Health

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