International Travel Clinic

Traveling outside of the United States? Meet with one of our travel nurses for a specialized overseas travel consultation before you go. Depending on your itinerary, you may need vaccinations to help protect you from some food, waterborne, and insect-borne diseases that are common in certain countries.

What happens in a travel appointment?

  • The nurse prepares information based on your itinerary. The more specific you are about your plans the better we can tailor the travel advice.
  • We will also assess the need for malaria prophylaxis, depending on your itinerary.  We are unable to prescribe malaria medication and antibiotics but we can provide you a list to discuss with your provider.
  • In addition to country specific information, the nurse will provide you with safe food and water instructions, insect borne precautions and road safety tips.
  • We will provide a list of items for a suggested medical kit.
  • We have information on a variety of travel insurance programs.

Some of the vaccinations provided include:

Things to bring with you to your appointment:

  • The nurse will be reviewing your vaccine history with you. You will need to bring along a copy of all routine and travel vaccines you have received. Click on this link for suggestions from the CDC on how to locate your vaccine records if you are unsure where they are or where you received vaccinations.
  • You will also need to bring your insurance information so we can submit any vaccines you may get to your insurance. (You should contact your insurance in advance to see if they cover travel vaccines.)

To learn more about the vaccines you may need for your trip, click on the resources below:

Click here for available vaccines and current pricing.

You can now pay for your immunizations online:

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