What is CONNECT?

CONNECT is a secure, web-based system for sending and receiving referrals. Agencies, healthcare and social service providers, are brought together under a single information sharing agreement that is HIPAA, FERPA, 42CFR and IDEA compliant (Memorandum of Understanding and Release of Information).

CONNECT is a free online system that is maintained by the Montana State Department of Health and Human Services and supported by a local program coordinator.

What are the benefits of using the CONNECT Referral System?

CONNECT takes less time than traditional referral practices. Providers receiving referrals via CONNECT can easily confirm receipt, and send updates on the referred client’s progress.

CONNECT not only simplifies the referral process, it eliminates the unknown of whether a referral was delivered successfully.

The CONNECT system also helps to:

  • Eliminate duplication of referrals
  • Prevent delays in service or lapse in care due to lost or undelivered referrals
  • Track number of referrals sent and received
  • Track referral-related outcomes

Who can use the CONNECT Referral System?

  • Social service agencies
  • Mental health providers
  • Senior services
  • Youth programs and activities
  • Legal services
  • Schools
  • Law enforcement
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Medical Providers
  • Agencies or organizations that provide services to families, adults, or children in the community