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Important COVID-19 Updates

Due to the level of transmission in Gallatin County, the Gallatin City-County Health Department highly recommends everyone wear a face mask while in public indoor settings, regardless of vaccination status.

For more information on face masks, visit the CDCs website: Your Guide to Masks | CDC

The Gallatin City-County Health Department strongly urges you to get your COVID-19 vaccine. It is the best tool to help you protect yourself and others from getting and/or spreading COVID-19.

Visit our Vaccines Page for all the dates, times, and locations. 

CLICK HERE for quarantine and isolation instructions after you’ve tested. | Instrucciones de cuarentena y aislamiento en español.

Due to a backlog of cases that are double and often triple what our contact tracers are able to interview in a day, the Gallatin City-County Health Department will be prioritizing our contact tracing efforts. We simply have a volume of new cases that outstrips our current staffing and capacity. While we are working towards adding more staff to support this work, we are facing the same constraints as many in the healthcare and other service industries. We are making strides, it just takes time.

At this time and until the caseload is more manageable, we are following CDC guidance and prioritizing our case investigation for people who are diagnosed with COVID-19 and meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • 65 years of age or older
  • 18 years of age or younger
  • Students at MSU or other institutions of higher education
  • Individuals identified in the test order that are healthcare workers, those living and working in congregate settings, and the immunocompromised

We want to make it very clear, if any individual is identified as a close contact and needs support to quarantine, or is an individual who tests positive and needs to isolate, please contact us. If you have questions or concerns and need additional support in the way of housing, food, or other resources we are here to help so you can safely stay home.

We are providing resources to testing locations so that those who test positive have clear guidance on the next steps they should take if they do not fit the prioritization criteria.

Quick Links:

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Click Here

I’ve Been in Contact with a Positive Case

Click Here

I Tested Positive for COVID-19, What Do I Do?

Click Here

I Need More Information on Testing

Click Here

I’m a MSU Student, I Tested Positive for COVID

Click Here

COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard

This dashboard will be updated weekly with the newest vaccine numbers. For more information, visit the state dashboard.

Please Note: the eligible population has increased as 5-11 year-olds are now eligible.

COVID-19 Data Dashboard

This dashboard is updated daily. Click Here to view the full size application.

To view the full size mapping application visit this website.

This question has two different answers.

  1. The Gallatin City-County Health Department and the State of Montana DPHHS calculate reported cases differently. At GCCHD, we use the reported date when counting cases, which means our total case count can change from day to day if we are busy and/or cases come in after hours. The State of Montana reports cases on the day they receive the information. For example, if a case comes in at 6:00 p.m. on Friday evening, the GCCHD would process that case on Monday during business hours and submit to the state. GCCHD would count that case towards the daily case count on Friday (since that’s when it was reported), but the State of Montana would count that case on Monday (the date it was reported to them).
  2. GCCHD has chosen to include out-of-county and out-of-state residents who are isolated and recovering in Gallatin County in the case counts. While the State of Montana DPHHS does not include these cases.

This is not to say that any one entity is incorrectly publishing the data, it merely explains how the data is obtained at the local level, shared to the state level, and reported to the communities.

A “recovered” case means that a person who tested positive for COVID-19 has been released from isolation. It’s important to note that even when people are released from isolation, many of them continue to feel the effects of COVID-19 infection long after they are released from isolation.

The Gallatin City-County Health Department calculates the number of recovered cases as the number of total cases minus any active cases, current hospitalizations and deaths.

The dashboard is comprised of data that we find to be most useful for our partners and the public. We receive a sizable number of requests for different data sets and information and are unable to fill  individual requests at this time.

However, the Gallatin City-County Health Department will be releasing weekly reports on weekly COVID-19 surveillance reports for Gallatin County that will be accessible here. Due to HIPPA/privacy laws and rapidly changing information, we do not make the raw data public or offer this information in any other format.

If you have questions regarding data and data-tracking on the Healthy Gallatin website,  the state map, or in the weekly report, please email the or call at 406-548-0123

This dashboard may not display properly in Internet Explorer. Please use a different browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari. 



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