Why Do Inspections Matter?

Environmental Health Services performs inspections that assure the safety of the public and the prevention of conditions and practices that endanger public health. Inspections are focused on health-related issues where registered sanitarians determine compliance with the local Health Code and Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services Laws and Rules. Sanitarians also provide education during each inspection.

Our food safety inspections include observing kitchen workers’ food handling practices, assuring equipment is working properly, measuring food temperatures, inspecting refrigerators and storage areas, assuring safe water availability, verifying the correct concentration and use of sanitizers, and evaluating general cleanliness. Follow-up inspections are conducted as needed.

Inspection in other program areas such as pools and spas, public accommodations and body art establishment focus on minimizing risk of illness and other health related problems, and to reduce safety hazards resulting in accidents from an improperly maintained facilities. For public swimming pool and spa inspections sanitarians focus on safety, including pool supervision, pool enclosures, lifeguard requirements and lifesaving equipment and its use. A sanitarian inspecting a public accommodation such as hotel will focus on the facility’s water supply, sewage disposal, plumbing, toilet facilities, garbage and refuse disposal, insect and rodent control, swimming pools, laundry rooms, and food service.

All inspections reports are public record. Our web-based system allows you to search the establishment types listed below. If you cannot find the report or the establishment you are looking for, please visit us at 215 West Mendenhall, Bozeman for more information.


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