Wastewater (Septic) Permit Records

The Wastewater Treatment (Septic) Permit records are available online, but before you search, it is VERY IMPORTANT to read the information below.

About the Records

Environmental Health Services began issuing Wastewater Treatment Permits on January 1, 1966. Records include all individual, shared, and multi-user systems for which a county permit has been issued. They also include information for all Public Wastewater Treatment Systems in which some records exist, although this may be limited information from the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) or it may include a locally issued permit, which has been required for Public Systems since July 1, 2001.


When you first open the link:

  • Click on enter
  • Click public user

Hints for Researching Records:

1.  Just because you do not find it, it does not mean the record is not there. Try all possible avenues, including:

  • Property owner – Owner at the time the permit was issued.
  • Road address – If the address has been changed, records may be under the old address. Not all records have an address associated with them.
  • Subdivision – This is typically the name on the release of sanitary restrictions.
  • Certificate of Survey (COS) number
  • Lot number
  • Section, township, range
  • Date issued
  • Date inspected
  • Search for additional permits for the property

2.  Less information is best when searching.

  • For example: Search Doe (not John Doe) or search 123 or Live (not 123 Live Here Street)

3.  Review the entire document, as there may be additional important information in the file, such as variance ruling, commercial addendum, memo to the file, etc.

4.  Research information necessary to do a comprehensive search, which is available by other departments or agencies.

  • Clerk and Recorders Office – Previous property owners; subdivision, COS #, lot; section, township, range. These records only go back to a certain date. For information prior to that date, you will need to go into the Clerk and Recorders office to research.
  • Gallatin County Interactive Mapping – Previous address; subdivision, COS#, lot; section, township, range; geo-code information provides year built, # bedrooms assessed.

5.  If it says “No Images”, the septic permit has not been scanned. Please come into the office at 215 West Mendenhall, Room 108 to obtain a copy. Copies are $.25 (black and white) and $.50 (color).

6.  Sorting – The system brings up sort options that apply to both the Clerk and Recorder and Environmental Health records. Use the following:

  • Address Number
  • Property Owner
  • Subdivision
  • Tract Lot
  • COS, Section
  • Township
  • Range
  • Block
  • Date Issued
  • Permit
  • Refer To

Please contact us at:
406.582.3120 or ehs@gallatin.mt.gov

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