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Dads Matter.

The importance of having an engaged father is invaluable. Not only do kids love spending time together, having an involved dad leads to:

  • Better grades
  • Lower teen pregnancy rates
  • Lower drug use
  • Lower crime rates
  • Lower aggression*

*National Fatherhood Initiative & National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse

Our Father Engagement Program

This program is designed specifically for dads with children prenatal to age five.

  • Dad to dad, we help you understand your child’s development, provide parenting techniques, help navigate local services and are there to answer questions and offer support.
  • For dads who are veterans, we have a father engagement specialist who is a veteran himself. He understands the unique challenges that come with raising children post service, and how ones mental health can impact their ability to be emotionally present.
  • Sometimes all you need is an understanding ear.
  • To learn more, call  Patrick, 406.548.7370 or Michael 406.595.7624
  • Read more about the importance dads make in their children’s lives.
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