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** Please note: most classes are being offered remotely via zoom at this time, but we will let you know when you register how to participate **

Prenatal and Parenting Classes

Gallatin City-County Health Department offers FREE prenatal and parenting classes. Click the link below to learn more about a specific class offering.

Breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world, but that doesn’t mean it comes naturally. You may have feelings of success right alongside feelings of insecurity and frustration. The good news is that, like any new skill, time and practice make it easier. That’s why we designed this class for you – to help every step of the way, no matter what stage you’re in.

In this class, you will:
  • Learn how to establish and maintain breastfeeding
  • Understand benefits for mom and baby
  • Get answers to common questions and concerns
  • Discover a wealth of community resources
2021 Classes:
June 16 @ 6:00 PM
July 14 @ Noon
August 18 @ 6:00 PM
September 8 @ 1:30 PM
October 13 @ 6:00 PM
November 17 @ Noon
December 15 @ 6:00 PM

The idea of birth can be a mysterious and scary thing for many first-time parents. From first contraction to final push, come address your concerns, get hands-on practice, and grow your confidence for the journey ahead.

In this class, you will:
  • Understand the signs and stages of labor
  • Learn techniques for positioning, relaxation, and pain management
  • Become familiar with the hospital routine
  • Share your concerns in a safe environment
2021 Classes:
July 7 @ 6:00 PM
August 11 @ Noon
September 14 @ 6:00 PM
October 13 @ Noon
November 10 @ 6:00 PM
December 8 @ Noon

Are you ready to go from feeling insecure and unprepared to confidently caring for your baby? Get the tools you need to love the newborn stage.

In this class, you will:
  • Learn about newborn characteristics
  • Explore the physical and emotional needs of mom and baby
  • Get tips to guide you through your baby’s development
  • Discover a wealth of community resources
2021 Classes:
July 6 @ Noon
August 24 @ 6:00 PM *new date*    was changed from Aug 3rd.
September 7 @ Noon  *** class canceled***
October 5 @ 6:00 PM
November 9 @ Noon
December 14 @ 6:00 PM

Please note:  For the duration of the Covid 19 pandemic the Working & Breastfeeding Class will be a one on one phone consultation after participants receive class materials and have had the chance to review them.  Staff will reach out via phone message or text prior to the class date and time.

Does the idea of breastfeeding after maternity leave have you in a big ball of emotion and worry? How will you find the balance of work and breastfeeding? Will you be able to maintain your supply? How do you store your milk or send enough with your infant? How will you maintain the special relationship you established with your new baby?

Working and breastfeeding presents some unique challenges, but preparing ahead of time can make you feel more confident to return.

In this class, you will:
  • Get help choosing a breast pump and master your technique
  • Get tips for maintaining your supply, implementing proper milk storage, and more!
  • Learn your rights as an employee
2021 Classes:
June 22 @ 4:30 PM  (Sorry this class has been canceled)
July tbd
August tbd
September tbd
October tbd
November /December tbd

Call today to register: (406) 582-3100

All prenatal and parenting classes are free and last approximately 1.5 hours. Classes are located at the Gallatin City-County Health Department, 215 W. Mendenhall in Bozeman. WIC Participants: Any of these classes count as education credits toward your next appointment.

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